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Q. What is the student/teacher ratio at Academy Del Sol? 
A: Class sizes are to cap at a teacher student ratio of:
1:20 for grades K
1:22 for grades 1-2
1:26 for grades 3-8 

Q. Are your teachers certified and/or highly qualified? 
A: Although it is not required to employ certified teachers in the charter school sector, all teaching staff at Academy Del Sol are Certified and meet the federal and state requirements as set by the No Child Left Behind legistlation and the Arizona Department of Education 

Q. Do you offer a before school and an after school program? 
A: Academy Del Sol makes the playground available beginning at 7:30 a.m and offers an after school program that runs until 6:00 p.m. See the school office for details. 

Q. Do you offer a summer program? 
A: Academy Del Sol offers summer school that provides both extracurricular and academic opportunities for 4 weeks during the summer of 2011. See our Summer School link for more information. 

Q. How much is tuition at Academy Del Sol? 
A: Free! Although your child will receive an education in a private school setting, Academy Del Sol is a FREE public charter school. This is made possible because Academy Del Sol receives federal and state funds. 

Q. What is your admission policy?
 A: All interested students and families will be admitted to Academy Del Sol regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, special need, residential neighborhood, or otherwise. From there, appropriate placements are made to match the students “skill set.” 

Q. Where can I access your student/parent handbook? 
A: 2013-2014 Student/Parent Handbook” 

Q. Where can I get information on Arizona's 3rd Grade Retention Law? 
A: Third Grade Retention Letter 

Q. How does the AZ School Tax Credit work? 
A: School Tax Credit Guide 

Q. How can I view this year's AFR? 
A: afr12.xls Or